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Welcome to the unofficial Lensmoor Wiki

The game Lensmoor offers play on two different continents, Lensmoor and Antrippa, as well as a wild, uninhabited third continent, Griftmire. There are over 200 open zones (see below) in game for you to explore and 26 playable races. (See Lensmoor Races, Antrippan Races, or Remort Races) As a classless game, you can learn over 400 spells and skills, choosing to specialize in a specific area if you desire.

There are many ways to enjoy the game, from roleplay to exploration to questing to character advancement. You can check below to find out more about these areas of interest or start with the Newbies page!


Playing Lensmoor: Areas of Interest

Special Events

  • We have annual events, such as the Spring Fair.
  • There are special worldwide events called Globals that bring together characters in unique roleplay situations.
  • From time to time a special roleplay challenge is run by an immortal.
  • Other fun immortal run contests take place, such as Questfest and other contests! Some may even give you the chance to add to the game through contributing to a zone.
  • There are also player run contests and tournaments!



  • Check out the overall wiki on roleplaying.
  • We offer some unique roleplaying opportunities such as special Roleplay Rooms and Events (see special events section).
  • Join a faith in one of four alignments! All faiths are run by the immortals of the land, who are also the game's staff. Check out the active faiths available!
  • Your character can choose to join a clan with similar beliefs and values. There are clans available who engage in player killing and clans that do not. Check the List of Clans available!
  • Your character can choose to marry another character and have children, characters who start at 7 years of age. If it doesn't work out, you can even divorce!
  • And of course, any other roleplay you and the other players come up with!


Questing helps you to train your character, learn spells and skills with practices.

There are many different types of questing to aid you in getting quest points, as well as other types of quests to advance your character. For the latter type of quests, see the character advancement section below.

At a Questmaster you have two options!

  • Solo Quests allow you to earn quest points by yourself, encouraging you to explore zones and tackle mobs on your own.
  • Group Quests allow you to group up with other players in range. You get more quest points with groups but have to fight either more mobs or one, really tough boss mob.
  • Craft Quests are a new type of solo quest in which you are sent to either perform a craft or gather a type of material. These are recommended for players who are interested in crafting.

There are also more options for getting quest points that don't require a Questmaster.

  • There are Global Quests run in which you have to collect an item, kill a certain mob, or do a certain task (e.g. catch a balloon, unwrap a present) within the allotted time, and get a quest point for each item collected, mob killed, or task completed. These are run by the imms from time to time.
  • There are also other games that let you earn quest points, such as Bingo, Scrabble, and Guess the Phrase. These games are listed on the Quests page.

Character Advancement

In addition to just levelling with the usual hack and slash, there are other ways to advance your character and achieve things within the game.

Using the LensWiki

Since this is very much a work in progress the structure of the Wiki is not quite as good as I would like. There are several ways to find information.

  • The All Pages lists everything in one big list.
  • The Categories page lists each category.
  • Search using the search box on the right.

Getting started with editing

You will need to create an account to edit pages. This was done to eliminate problems with spam and creates a certain amount of accountability for what you put up. Some things are not to be shared.
If you share information not allowed to be shared on the MUD itself your IP and username will be forwarded to Arawn and he will have the final say in any punishment. His game, his rules!

Some of these rules are listed in Banned Topics.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.